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  • Current exhibition by Ruedi Hiller

    Art plays an important role at the Design Hotel Plattehof . And in the various forms. Changing exhibitions of artists – known or yet to be discovered – frame a charming atmosphere in our restaurant Sento.

    The ever present art in the corridors and the bar should be an asset to your stay. We are particularly proud of a series by Swiss artist Max Bill, which was acquired from the estate of Jacques Schader.

    Current exhibition THE BEAUTY OF DECAY  by Ruedi Hiller.

    The photographs exhibited at the Plattenhof are from the Urbex Project 2012/2013 by the Swiss photographer Ruedi Hiller who has explored what one might call “Lost Places”, abandoned centers of industrial activities. An eerie atmosphere, a cold silence, permeate a space frozen in time. The locations are dismal, primarily black in tone; and yet, out of this almost monochrome setting, dashes of color, accents of light and shadow with bizarre objects bestow an uncanny aesthetic. The images bear testimony to a predominately desolate scenario of deterioration and decay while still depicting the ethereal stillness and strange beauty of these forgotten places.

    Previous exhibitions:

    Lost Moments- by Isabel Ferjani
    Urban Spaces – flüchtige encounters, by Francois Schnider.
    at the beach, exhibition of Felix Eidenbenz in the restaurant Sento 2012/13, www.creative-imaging.ch
    Urban Scetches, exhibition of André Sandmann in the restaurant Sento, 2012 www.sandmann.ch
    Eva Padberg by Alexander Zuber, photographs in the restaurant Sento, 2012 www.alexanderzuber.com
    Diana Loeb, solo exhibition at Sento, www.diana-loeb.ch
    Cranes, Works by Hedi Senteler Representing, 2008 www.works.ch
    diltoro, Kitchen from the Stars, 2007 www.diltoro.com

    The following institutions and events benefit from our cultural commitment and sponsorship :

    Schauspielhaus Zurich, www.schauspielhaus.ch
    Theater Neumarkt in Zurich, www.theaterneumarkt.ch
    Zurich Film Fesitval, www.zff.ch
    Pink Apple Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, www.pinkapple.ch
    Swiss Youth Film Festival, www.schweizerjugendfilmtage.ch